BadAss Grandmas Dina, Ellen, and Kathy led a non-partisan ad hoc group of retired government executives and engaged citizens who wrote, petitioned, campaigned for, and won a citizen-initiated constitutional amendment, with strong support from volunteers, voters, and the national pro-democracy movement. Their new Article XIV in North Dakota’s Constitution includes deep disclosure requirements for independent campaign spending, prohibits six lobbying and conflict-of-interest activities, and establishes a strong state Ethics Commission.

During the campaign stage, the BadAss Grandmas toured the state, shopping for caramel rolls, locally made sausage, and support for Measure 1, the ballot initiative that became Article XIV. Their opponents raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from corporations, cooperatives, and trade associations, attacked the proponents’ integrity and intelligence, mailed giant 4-color cards with dire prophecies. The Catholic Conference blanketed parishes with anti-initiative messages, and the ACLU joined the opposition.

The BadAss Grandmas campaign – and the citizens! – won the election, but the opposition is far from conceding. Grandmas’ work is never done.

The 2019 Unrig the System Summit in February 2019 presented the BadAss Grandmas with the Courage Award. The great potential and widespread appeal of BadAss Grandmas became obvious at that convention, so we declared the launch of a movement. A national army of self-identified BadAss Grandmas is working to return this country to the voters and rebuild engaged citizenship in America. Join us!

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