Be a BadAss Grandma for Democracy

Find a friend and watch “Unbreaking America” – 12 high-impact minutes that lay out the problem (Video below). Talk about it – fixing America is a social process. We need to develop a democracy community together.

We’re all in different places on many dimensions, but when each of us pursues our passion we move the heavens. One teaspoon at a time. What hits your sweet spot today? Who else is interested? Remember, this is a non-partisan issue – over 80 percent of Americans agree with most of the pro-democracy initiatives! Be inclusive and fearless. Make an impact, and make it fun.


  • Learn about how democracy is threatened today and who is doing what to restore true representative democracy to America, the states, and local jurisdictions.
  • Think about how you want to connect and take action. Explore options.
  • Volunteer to write the next BadAss Grandmas newsletter!
  • Send us a note – how can we support your interest?


Daring Democracy (Lappe and Eichen, 2017) very readable guide/handbook.

Dark Money (Mayer, 2017) how Big Money has taken over democracy.

Democracy in America? What has Gone Wrong and What We Can Do About It (Page and Gilens, 2017).

Democracy in Chains (McLean, 2017) – who are the Koch Brothers and how did they take over the country? RatF**ked (Daley, 2016) – focused on gerrymandering, non-partisan redistricting.

Becoming a Citizen Activist (Licata, 2016) – “how to get organized and master the tactics to create change”.

RatF**ked (Daley, 2016) – focused on gerrymandering, non-partisan redistricting.


Dark Money” movie (97 minutes) – Same topic as the book above, but completely different approach; tells the story of events in Montana in the last 10 years.

Unbreaking America” (12 minutes) – on YouTube. Jennifer Lawrence tells all we need to know. Classic, great for starting group discussion.

Unrig the System Summit” – Four inspiring videos – an overview and three main events at a 2,000-person pro-democracy summit, Nashville, February 2019.


  • Invite a friend or two to meet for “coffee and democracy” conversation
  • Suggest a democracy book to your book club
  • Invite a legislator to meet with you to discuss what it takes to have trustworthy government.
  • Start a democracy study group where each person takes a topic, learns, and leads a discussion